Contact Form Submitter (CFS) contact form submitter

CPA & LEAD submitter
What does Contact form submitter do?

In a sentence, this bot can send messages with a single click to 100,000 different website contact forms. CFS is an Autopilot bot built to send your B2B advertisments using common website Contact Forms, which are present on every business website in the world.

How does Contact form submitter work?


First you type in your keyword, and the CFS Autopilot goes and gathers all the relevant websites using search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) into a list. Next, its offer mailing time: The CFS Autopilot visits each website from the list and sends them your offer via their own contact form. Thanks to the Autopilot’s multithreaded no-browser mode, the speed of this step will depend only on your own hardware.

Can CFS form submissions be marked as a SPAM?


No, it really can’t. At worst, the website owners will see your communication as coming from one of those boring salesmen who manually send their offers using the contact forms and ignore it. But that’s up to you. From Autopilot’s side, we’ve got you fully covered. Due to human-like behavior of the bot, nobody can tell that the CFS Autopilot sends messages in your name. This means each message to a website comes off as genuine, so you can’t be blamed for any eventual SPAM.
Also, note that mailing webmasters via the contact form is ten times more powerful than a standard offer sent via email. It’s only logical, because the message sent via the site’s own contact form always reaches the website owner. So you start with 100% delivery rate. Not bad, eh?

Here’s an example of CFS Autopilot in action
As an Internet marketer armed with essential knowledge of your chosen marketplace and the CFS Autopilot, you have A LOT of options under your fingertips. Let’s examine one scenario.
For example, you choose massage center as your keyword phrase. The CFS Autopilot types in the phrase into search engines and makes a list of tens of thousands of websites offering this service. So far, so good.

Now back to you and your market analysis. What do these massage centers need: Is it essential oil? Or beauty products, or towels? Probably all of these, since they are all disposables. So, you go and visit and move your affiliate links to that freshly-made blog you just opened. Incidentally, your new website hosts some of the best offers for beauty products, towels and essential oils from Amazon.
Create your marketing offer mail like this:

" Hi there,
I’m David and I love your website! I’ve just opened a shop that’s completely complementary to yours and I’ve got a business proposition for you.
I’m proposing to fill your entire massage center with lovely scents of essential oils at some RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICES. My shop also has a brand new generation of body creams I’d love to show you. Our special offer can be seen on this link.
Thank you,
David "

Now, this is not rocket science: If you send this message to 100,000 contact forms of massage centers, a certain percentage of them will be interested in finding out more. All of them need these supplies and if you play your cards right, many of the might be getting them from you for now on.

See how it looks like in reality:

Start your all-powerful internet marketing machine with a single click, and keep track of sent mail offers, all while comfortably sitting in your armchair.