Web scraping tools

What do the Autopilot web scraping tools do?

Our tools use a range of techniques to automatically save all the data you want from any given website and store it in a convenient place and format. You can then use this data however you like for your business.


How do the Autopilot web scraping tools work?

Using our web scraping tools is really simple. Our team will customize the tool to suit your needs, depending on:

  • the websites you want scraped
  • the type of data you need to obtain
  • how you want that data stored

Everything will be set up and ready to go with a few clicks.
If your project demands a one-time data scrape from a specific website, we are happy to do it for you and deliver the results to you.
If it’s your business to regularly scrape websites, then you will use the tool’s interface to start scraping and monitor progress at your own leisure.

Key features of Autopilot scraping tools

  • Speed: we use multithread technology to maximize your scraper’s performance
  • Proxy compatible: your new sraping tool can use both free and paid proxy servers
  • Undetectable: your Autopilot scrapers will mask their server calls, as if coming from variable IPs, OSes, screen resolutions and even devices such as tablets, PCs and mobile phones
  • Captcha-defeating: like all Autopilot software products, your new scrapers will solve Captchas, by emulating human web browsing behavior

Typical use cases

Our web scrapers see many different usage scenarios, and we are always happy to test our skills on new custom solutions. However, some use cases come up more than others and we have great expertise with the following:

  • Amazon listings scraping tools
  • Ebay listings scraping tools
  • Craigslist scraping tools
  • Yelp listings scraping tools
  • Facebook posts scraping tools
  • Web shop scraping tools
  • Video content scraping tools
  • Picture scraping tools

The scraped content is put into an Excell sheet or an MySQL database, formatted to your specifications and ready for use. The Autopilot team will talk you through understanding what works best for you and your business and then deliver a tailor-made solution.
Contact us now and find out how Autopilot web scraping tools can improve your productivity and save your business both time and money.